Tara (temima) wrote in compling,

Introduction and request

Hello, I'm Tara. I have a certificate in Natural Language Technology and a BS in linguistics. I would like to continue on to a masters in computational linguistics. For now, however, I have some projects I would like to complete.

The first one is make two lists: names with themed meanings and three-word strings from different themed word lists. I would like lemma and part of speech considered. I would like this done automatically. I would like phrases to be be part of word lists and taken apart when needed. I would like to build word lists from synonyms if one word is not found within that theme.

I try to look for tools to make this easier. They are often for one format, one purpose, only available online, and cannot communicate with others. There are permutation applications, but the user would have to provide their own word lists, and cannot get them from a link. This is not even getting into cost.
Tags: introductions
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May 8 2012, 01:31:39 UTC 5 years ago

Maybe Excel? It seems to be rather flexible and there's a Microsoft Visual Basic macros editor built in, so you could write your own macros/sorting algorithm...
Well, without going into too much detail, I use Open Office Calc for reading and making Excel files. I have options for making macros and sorting scripts: Python or Open Office Basic. Also, some of the text is in different formats: *.doc, *.txt, *.rtf, *.html, *.csv, and *.pdf. So, there is going to some copying, pasting, exporting, and viewing beforehand.


July 19 2012, 21:52:01 UTC 5 years ago

I'm curious where you got a certificate in Natural Language Technology. What program was it?
University of Washington in Seattle, through their continuing studies department