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Another Prospective Looking for Help!


I recently received my BA in Linguistics from the University of Oregon and am now attending an MA Linguistics program at the University of New Mexico. I came here because I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with myself but also wasn't going to just sit around waiting for things to happen for me. So, of course, about four weeks into my first semester as a MA student, I decide that I am interested in Computational Linguistics and really, really tired of the Academic world. I am not a good fit for academia!

I don't have any current skills in programming, but have learned some from my brother who is a programmer and started teaching himself when he was itsybitsy. I am confident that obtaining those skills won't be terribly difficult for me. I guess my question is - is it worth it to continue on with my MA at UNM? Or since it is early, should I try to switch to something like the program at UW which can be done online?  UNM does not offer anything remotely close to computational linguistics (nor does it really offer what I came here specifically for -ASL Bilingual psycholinguistics - SURPRISE! Just because it's their specialty and they list the courses in their catalog doesn't mean they will actually provide the courses. /bitter)

Any advice? If I continue with this MA program and teach myself various programming skills, etc... will it be possible for me to get a decent job, or would it be best for me to go on to a PhD in CompLing, or perhaps quit my current program altogether?
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