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CL in Europe

Hi everyone,
Are there any european students/graduates in CL?
I need some advicee on european CL Master programs. I'm enrolled to a couple of european universities, and waiting for answers from several others. Which institution is considered to be the best one in Europe in this field? Which ones are considered to have a good research base and qualified teaching staff?
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> I'm enrolled to a couple of european universities

May I dare to ask you for the list of departments you were considering (two years ago, actually)? Have you successfully found a position somewhere? I'm also interested for the list of EU institutions, which perform CL studies.
Well, in France there were two places in Paris (Paris 3 and Paris 11 if I am not mistaken), Grenoble, Aix-Marseille, Toulouse, Lille, Clermont-Ferrand and Nancy. I also was taken to Saarbrucken, Germany. Eventually I chose Nancy, I am now finishing my studies there. It's not bad, and it's a good place to live - cost living is less then in in all other cities in the list. Nancy iscalm and not that big. I would recommend tou the program in Saarbrucken, it is considered like a very good one in CL in Europe. I couldnt go there for financial reason))


September 7 2013, 10:26:36 UTC 4 years ago

Hi, I will start MSc in CL at Saarbrucken in a month. I am a computer science graduate, with minimal experience in linguistics. Any suggestions from your experience will be very helpful to me. Also, I see that you recommend CL course at SB over Nancy. What are your reasons for the same?
Hi! I recommend the course in SB for it's reputation first - it's a well-known and quite old master's program. And for example once I was asked at an interview for a PhD position "why haven't you choose SB if you were accepted there?". There is one more objective reason: course in SB is purely oriented to CL, thus you will have two years of only CL-related disciplines. In Nancy though the course is integrated in Cognitive Sciences course, this means that we had almost a year of useless stuff, such as cognitive philosophy or psychology! I could use the time spent in this kind of classes and finally of course exams, for other, more useful for me in the future, CL-related subjects.

As for your lack of linguistic knowledge - don't worry and be happy that you have background in SC - it means you will find job faster afterwords. You will get the necessary linguistic basics during your courses. If you want to read smth in linguistics, I would recommend to read on Noam Chomsky and his generative linguistics (grammar at first).