brombie314 (brombie314) wrote in compling,

A few questions on undergrad

I'm starting university next fall and I'm trying to decide which to attend. Of my two top choices, one has a joint major in linguistics and computer science, and the other doesn't, so I would have to double major. The latter also lacks courses specifically in comp ling (while the former has "Natural Language Computing,"  "Computational Linguistics,"  "Knowledge Representation and Reasoning," etc. and a research group in comp ling). The second school clearly has the better program, but I was it a good thing to take comp ling courses before getting my Masters in comp ling? I know it sounds like a stupid question, but I thought of how law schools discourage students from majoring in legal studies. Is it like that, or should I just get as much preparation as possible? The reason I'm even asking is because I really like the campus at the other university and I guess I'm trying to justify going there since their program isn't as strong (even though their linguistics is one of the best in the world). 

My other question is concerning cognitive science. It seems pretty interesting, but I hardly care for psychology, and I dislike biology and neuroscience. But a combination of linguistics, computer science, and philosophy sounds enticing. Apparently quite a few cog sci grads go onto comp ling. I think it might be helpful to approach it from a different perspective. If I was to do cog sci instead of a double major in linguistics and computer science, what would the pros and cons be? Has anyone here gone into comp ling from cog sci? It could totally change where I go to university, so I would appreciate some opinions. Thank you.


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