brix_at_trains (brix_at_trains) wrote in compling,

What do you do, or what do you want to do?

mainly, professionally.

i am graduating this year in my B.A. in computer science and linguistics. i'm looking at UB grad school for their computational linguistics program; the location of the university is my primary motivation, i am a tuscarora native working on the tuscarora language program, and i plan to use the master's program there to help me learn things i can do for language revitalization in general, but especially indigenous languages. i want to work on software to help teachers teach what they teach, or remove some of the perhaps automatable, yet tedious tasks so they can focus more on what they want to do.

i know that there is probably not enough money for this, but i'm confident in my programming abilities to probably pick up a few contract jobs, maybe a couple of year and still work on what i really want to work on.

so, what do you want to do? are you comfortable with what you're making? that is, is doing what you're doing with comp. ling. worth it to you for whatever you earn? was it easy for you to get a job?

are you still a student, if so, where, what has been your experience with your professors, and areas of research?

most importantly, why were you originally drawn to computational linguistics?
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Who r you


August 13 2009, 03:18:52 UTC 8 years ago

You asked about some query but not provide your information.
Whatever the questions --- why were you originally drawn to computational linguistics? -- When I knew the era of 21 century is the era of computational linguistics, it drown me in this field.