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Where do you start?

I'll soon begin university, and I'm wondering what kind of background I should get to prepare for a Masters in computational linguistics. I assume it would be best to double major in computer science and linguistics, but if forced to major in one and minor in the other, which combination would you advise? I'm more interested in linguistics (mostly theoretical) but computer science is obviously more practical (in the case that I have to work between undergrad and grad, I would have a much easier time finding a job).

Also, did anyone study cognitive science in undergrad? It seems to be a good intersection of computer science, linguistics, and philosophy, subjects I'm all interested in. However, I don't enjoy psychology and biology very much. Does that make it a bad choice? I'm also curious as to the usefulness of knowing a foreign language. I speak German at an intermediate level, and I'm a beginner in Russian. Should I try to pursue one or both of these to fluency in university? Will it help me for my Masters/is it required? I know I have to take math/stats courses too, anything else?

Any advice you could offer regarding my situation or matters pertinent is much appreciated. It's so difficult to find information on computational linguistics on the internet, I was thankful to find this page. Oh, and if anyone has experience with/knowledge of Canadian universities, which would you recommend I study at? I've heard University of Toronto is the best, since they have a major in Linguistics and Computing.
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