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New member with an old question

 Hi there.  I'm currently a freshman in undergrad, and I'm really interested in pursuing computational linguistics.  But I've already started on my linguistics major which I'm really enjoying, and the computer science program at my school is way too demanding in terms of requirements for me to complete it within the next three years.  So my question is: for computational linguistics MS and PhD programs, I know that CS and math are required, but how much would be considered sufficient?  I'm doing a double major in linguistics and German, and I can also fit in a joint minor in CS and math.  This would include coursework in programming in Python and Java, Data Structures, Discrete Math, Basic Algorithms, Calc I & II, and a Probability & Statistics course.  I'll also have taken the course on compling that my school offers.  Would that give me a sufficient background, or would grad programs expect more from me?  I know a lot of similar questions have been asked from people attempting to approach CL from the linguistics side, but rather than wondering if it's possible to go into CL with limited programming experience, I wanted to know just how much experience one needs.  Thanks a lot!
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