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Advice on graduate programs?

 Hi everyone,

I was hoping people here might be able to give me some guidance as to graduate programs, as I admit I'm a little at sea.
I graduated from Brown with a degree in linguistics and a few computer science classes. The applications of comp ling are really exciting to me, but I'm having trouble getting started on my search and have some questions:

1) What are considered to be good/respected programs? Is there a comprehensive listing somewhere? Are there programs with more of a focus on incorporating linguistic information (rather than purely statistically driven work)?

2) Will a Master's program make me employable (as much as linguists are employable!), or is this a field where you might as well not bother with grad school unless you go for a PhD?

3) I know most people come at this field from the computer science/math side rather than from the linguistics side. I'm reasonably confident in my programming abilities (or ability to learn) but I'm pretty rusty on my math. What areas would it be important for me to have a background in?

Thanks so much! I'd really appreciate any advice people can offer!
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